Thursday, February 17, 2011

Monterrei today gone tommorow!

Oh Monterrei what a day. After a day spent duelling with Eircom over cancelling my account for a broadband service I have never received and having to incur a €370 penalty for that privilege. What more could one want then to enjoy the Gunners beating Barca for the first time washed down by a glass or two of Godello.
Monterrei The appellation is one of the five existing designations of origin in the Autonomous Community of Galicia. Geographically it is situated south-east of the province of Ourense, near the border with Portugal. 
This differentiation leads to a variety of soils, which together with the microclimates created on the slopes produce wines with unique characteristics, personal and with great complexity of aromas. 
Based on data obtained by the large number of presses, presses and rock excavated Roman vessels, we can say that it was they who introduced Monterrei the noble activity of growing grapes. 
From the late ninth century onwards, from hand of the religious orders expanding the cultivation of the vine throughout the region. At this time the wine is used as a tribute to pay to the monasteries and feudal lords. 
During the Middle Ages, and much of the Modern Monterrei had great influence in economic, political and cultural in Galicia and Spain. For this reason, D. Justo Federico Mendez, author of Historical Outbreaks Estate, said: "wines Monterrei Valley, for its excellent quality rubbed shoulders with Port wine, even its marketing to different parts of America. During the time of Count V Monterrey, whom King Philip II granted the title of viceroy to govern the new Spanish colonies in America, marketing and Monterrei wines in those regions. " 
In the late twentieth century, migration, closure of the cooperative and the abandonment of land by the poor returns were about to lead to the demise of vineyards in the area, but the adoption of rules and a commitment to wines quality led to the resurgence of the region since 1994 until today.

Mara Martin Godello 2009. Do Monterrei

This wine has lemon and spice aromas on the nose with notes of pear and green pepper on a medium bodied palate with a citrus oiliness. Crying out for a bowl of of Pulpo Gallega. Salud!

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