Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Asda's Wine Progression

On my annual Fungi Foray up north the location of which for reasons of Cep confidentiality will never be disclosed we generally make a pit stop normally on our return to Asda the well known British subsidiary of the largest retailer in the world Wall Mart. Specializing in food, clothing, toys and general merchandise and more recently concerting their efforts towards a much improved wine section. They have always had choice on offer but normally of entry level sub standard wines and with no real effort in displaying these products. Phillippa Carr joined Asda's ranks in 2005 but her influence has not really been felt on these Isles until more recently and what a welcome relief it is. On entering Asda's wine section it still has the feel of a supermarket drinks emporium, but with more a systematic approach. I had already prepared my list on what I was looking for based on the International Wine Awards and Decanters Wine awards. However I had still prepared myself for the thankful task of trudging through shelves trying to locate these wines to my surprise they now have a dedicated an area to all their award winning wines. I quickly cleared the shelf and assembled some other interesting bottles to add to the already cumbersome basket. In regards to value I have always believed in spending my currency in M & S as I have always thought their selection to be excellent with well chosen wines from interesting regions as well as the key producing areas. However I firmly believe Asda are making the steps in the right direction the only problems for us mortals from the Hemorrhaging state is the arduous journey to get to an Asda. I say the next petition we have in this country is too Wall Mart to pressure them to set foot in the south and put retailing pressure on the likes of Tesco who have ruined our retail sector with aggressive business tactics. Anyway we will leave that one for another day this blog is about all things rugby and vitis.

Asda Marsanne, Vin de Pays d'Oc, France, 2009 (£3.98, €4.70/5.00, Asda)

The white grape variety Marsanne's home is the northern Rhône, making full bodied, scented white wines. It has taking over from its blending partner rousanne. This example from Languedoc, shows what it can do on its own: Quite summery but don't let that take away from the fact we are in the cooler part of our climatic year,this is so suitable for drinking now with notes of honeysuckle and white blossom and a touch nutty its fresh peach palate with zesty acidity is just the ticket. Enjoy

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